Wir sind das Volk!

Wir frieren freiwillig ...

refugees at the gate

© Heiner Sextro - Public Domain

...und wir sagen:

Wir dulden keine Menschen zweiter Klasse neben uns. Alle Menschen sind gleich zu behandeln. Ob arm ,ob reich, ob Berliner oder Zugezogener!

Denn der Satz:

>>All free men, wherever they may live, are citizens of Berlin, and, therefore, as a free man, I take pride in the words "Ich bin ein Berliner"!<<

wäre sonst eine Luftnummer. Wir Berliner müssten alle in Sack und Asche gehen. refugee camp Berlin 20012

DaddyChronic: Wir fordern die Freizügigkeit auf dem gesamten Planeten. Residenzpflicht verstösst gegen die guten Sitten der Gastfreundschaft.

31.10.2012 Unterstützung der Netzgemeinde in Berlin ist gut

DaddyChronic auf youtube

Ja sind wir schon wieder soweit? Ist denn schon wieder Weihnachten? Staatsdiener drangsalieren friedliche Versammlung vor dem Brandenburger Tor. Unglaublich.

Lagebericht des #Refugeecamp am Brandenburger Tor in Berlin - 31.10.2012

[@drayenim -- public domain -- 30/10/2012]

About 14 refugees from different countries use the last resort of a hunger strike to protest against German asylum law, now day 7.

After refugees have been marching 600km from southern Germany to Berlin and opening a camp in the district of Kreuzberg, a group of about 14 of them started a hunger strike right in Berlins touristic centre, at the Brandenburg Gate. While interest on the internet could be raised (hashtagged #refugeecamp), mainstream media completely ignored the horrible situation protesters are facing for several days.

Imposing conditions for protests one can only describe as »kafkaesque« and »inhumane«, protesters are denied the use of tents, sleeping bags, rescue blankets, other camping devices or whatever could spend the least of comfort. German police even confiscated umbrellas before protesters painted slogans on them and declared them political banners. They are not allowed to sit or sleep on anything but the bare ground to prevent giving the situation a »camp character«: Police insists protesters follow conditions given by the district forbidding any kind of shelter from the harsh weather conditions (temperatures below zero, rain, snow rain) beside the clothes they wear on their bodies. Police forced the refugees and their supporters to hold every single piece of clothing and equipment above ground and threatened to take away everything that still touches the ground on at least one occasion, different items were seized. The guidelines changed arbitrarily between police shifts, items that were allowed before were confiscated later. At least one protester had to be brought to a hospital as a consequence.

On the evening of october 29th police asked the protesters to »postpone« their protest to allow the smooth course of a state visit by Turkish prime minister Erdogan -- who is supposed to reside in Hotel Adlon right next to the protest -- and a photoshooting at Brandenburg Gate. The refugees objected to the proposal after discussing the option and have been in fear of eviction since. On October 30, police harassment has increased, leading to the confiscation of rescue blankets and another attack on what protesters declared »banners« (umbrellas, styrofoam), this time not to check if each one has a slogan (the condition for allowing them as »banners«), but also to check the statements themselves, potentially looking for reasons for eviction.

During the day of October 30 the situation seems to have somewhat chilled, for the first time medical care has arrived. Activists on site repeatedly asking for support via Twitter, organizing video streams and shifts to protect the camp during the last days and nights lead to a some coverage in parts of the mainstream media. Solidarity concerts on site are planned for today, other solidarity events are organized across the county.

There is very little coverage available in English, there is a Wiki site of the Pirate Party gathering information at http://wiki.piratenpartei.de/Protestbewegung_Fl%C3%BCchtlinge#english

Protest website (only little English) http://refugeetentaction.net

Live videostreams and recordings http://bambuser.com/channel/herrurbach

Most info probably available on Twitter, search for #refugeecamp

Backgroundground of the protest is German aslum law and the situation of refugees in Germany that lead to suicides and hunger strikes before. Copied from a flyer of the protesters:

»We demand

The abolition of the residence obligation, which prohibits refugees to leave the place of residence assigned to them by the authorities.

The abolition of the lager obligation, which prohibits refugees to choose their resi- dence themselves.

The abolition of the working prohibition, which prohibits refugees to look for work makes them dependent on service providers who make money from their institutio- nalized situation.

The abolition of the assignment of food packages, which prohibits refugees to choose their food themselves.

The access to education particularly to German language courses, so that refugees can flourish and actively partake in society.

The speeding up of the asylum procedure, which right now is a long-lasting process and means months or even years of insecurity and not-knowing for refugees and therefo- re is also a heavy mental strain on them.

The granting of residence permits for an unlimited period for refugees in Germany, in order to open up perspectives on personal, social and economical development for refugees living in Germany.

The abolition of deportation and expulsion regulations and practices in the Federal Republic of Germany. No criminal offense committed and no breach of regulations justifies it to deprive a person of her/his living environment and base of existence in Germany.

The granting of free choice of residence within Germany. At the moment German au- thorities decide on the place of residence of refugees and asylum seekers, even when close relatives and friends of the persons concerned are already living in Germany. The granting of the german citizenship for children of refugees who were born in Germa- ny. Only the citizenship guarantees that these children can grow up under humane conditions at the place of their birth and have a secured future in Germany.«

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